Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Chrysalis + Instinct Amulet Art Project

A dear friend of mine is doing something pretty incredible these days.  She has created an art program that allows for one to create a self-portrait for the purpose of self-reflection, self-realization with the goal of troubled youth, in particular, becoming aware of their own worth. Beautiful.
In order to assist this program in reaching more youth, she has created a collection of Amulets (with trink's help;).   Proceeds from the sales of these magical amulets will go to purchasing art supplies to make the art program possible.  Full circle here- and that is what it is all about!

Here are the Amulets... you may notice two symbols in particular;  a butterfly {Chrysalis} and a triangle {Instinct}  created as *pure light symbols united for the greater good of MIND~BODY~SPIRIT*  Chrysalis = Free   Instinct = Truth  -and that is what is so magical!

Now lets get shopping!!

For more information and to shop the Amulets, please visit 

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