Tuesday, September 22, 2009


With the start of the new season now official, I thought it the perfect time to start something new...Your Weekly Trink!
Fall is my ultimate favorite time of year, crisp air, beautifully colored leaves, fabulous fall fashions... and fall jewelry!
This fall seems to be about bold pieces, bright colors and sparkle- three of my favorite things! So don't be shy, take out those jewels reserved for "special occasions" (every day is a special occasion;) and be glamorous!

crystal cocktail rings by trink


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I loved reading your blog and agree that fall can be fabulous in all of its beauty, although I still love summer with its sundresses, sandals and fresh blooms. I always say that we Montrealers are so lucky to experience our 4 fab seasons, each with their wonderous colors and flavors. Here's to sporting those big chunky pieces that lay in my drawer all summer long waiting for some cooler temps.

  2. What a great blog! When's your next trink party? I would just love to see all your new collection. I hear it is fantabulous!!!!